Step 3 Done!

Woot! I officially finished step 3 of the Snowflake Method for my novel! Yay!

Yes, miniscule accomplishment, but I think every small step needs to be celebrated. I don’t have a boss to tell me “job well done”. Or even something like “aha, made it under the timeline even though it’s meh work!”. Everything is just me, myself, and I. Until I completely finish the novel and all the things that come after, the ‘during’ process is just one big blah of a marathon. So any tiny marker of accomplishment is important to keep going.

Took me way too long to seriously digest and understand that mentality. So today I’m celebrating finishing this tiny milestone. I’m giving myself tomorrow off. And then I can go on to tackle Step 4 and beyond.

Step 4 is arguably even more scary than Step 3 but, you know, that’s Sunday me’s problem. Friday me is just going to chill and watch tv for the rest of the day.

Happy Friday and long weekend, folks!


Some Small Wins!

So, today I went to the DMV to get my stupid driver’s license re-renewed. It was an ordeal, simply because of bureaucracy. When I made the appointment it was super obtuse on the website as to what I needed to so I kind of had to wing it in line. However, I managed to get it all done with the help of a DMV employee (I thanked him properly of course), and now, I have a temporary license in the car, and my actual license will be here in a few weeks. Hopefully. God.

Also, I actually finished cleaning the pantry yesterday! Believe me it’s been a project I meant to do for a long, long time, and it’s not even that complicated! I just have to go into the pantry and throw out packaged food that’re like two years old because we forgot about them. That’s it. And I just kept putting it off, and off, and off. Well, no more! Because I finally got rid of them yesterday afternoon (two large trashbags’ worth, so not that much but still). I don’t know what the roadblock in my mind was – I’ll just have to chalk it up to me being my undiagnosed ADHD self I suppose. Seriously, it’s so pathetic that I couldn’t get myself to do it when it literally just involved picking up a package, deciding if I still want to keep it, and throwing it away if the answer is no. That. Is. It. Sigh.

Well, the point is that I did it, finally, and I feel so happy, because now I can move onto the next big project, which is going through all of my medical records and sort them. This will involve buying new folders if I deemed what I currently have as inadequate, put things away (whether in folders or in a giant box for old records that we keep in the basement), and then tackle the mountain of old mail and other medical-related things we have stacked under the coffee table. It’s a real ordeal and I’m not expecting to finish it any time soon, but at least I could START, you know?

After we successfully navigated the DMV my s.o. and I had a small celebration haha. We went out to eat (yeah vaccination!) at a cute café. Then we bought some pastries and had ice cream! It’s lucky that he just happened to have a bit of extra time at work, because apparently things are fairly lax at his job on Fridays. I still felt like it was totally worth celebrating, though. Tomorrow we’re going proper shopping at a mall (again yeah vaccination!) to buy Hawaii-trip related things, like swimsuits and beach bags and travel skincare. It’s so nice to feel good for once. I am really looking forward to this weekend, and I hope you have a good one too!