Productivity Begets More Productivity

So I did not get much done this week, which sucks. Partly because I got a little bit sick mid-week and decided to take it easy so it won’t bloom into this massive cold, and between rounds of Zycam and vitamin C and hot tea I managed to wrangle it back so I’m more or less functional. I think I’m going to take the pills for one more day before calling it quits – Zycam doesn’t really work that well after a few days I think, because the period of minimizing cold symptoms would’ve passed by then. Anyway, that’s a lame excuse. I could’ve worked and do some light-brain-power work, such as laundry, but I didn’t, so I sucked this week.

However, I did find out, or rather find more proof of what my therapists had been telling me about my productivity pattern all this time, and that is that the more productive I am the more productive I become. If I start off the day just lounging in bed I would more likely to just lounge in bed for the rest of the day. If I don’t do work (can’t concentrate, too many distractions, just lazy and procrastinating) or keep putting off work it’s likely I will never do any work as the day goes by. I’m not sure if everyone experience this, but I suspect a good majority of people do? The thing that’s different for me is that, if I start the day doing things – anything not fun, really, calling doctors, making appointments, vacuuming, etc. – I tend to want to do more things once I finish that thing. It’s like a weird momentum thing. If I can prove myself I can do ONE thing, maybe then I can do the NEXT thing, no matter how scary it is. And really I don’t understand why it’s so scary in the first place, but a lot of irrational things scare our brains. Sometimes you just got no choice but take the plunge.

I’m going to apply this to today. No matter what I will not waste time just chilling. Even when I play I need to make sure I play the “right” thing (so actually play a game on my backlog instead of randomly browsing reddit or Youtube, for instance.) Of course I have stuff I NEED to work on that I’ve been putting off, but no more. If I just keep doing things and crossing them off the list then more things will get done and get crossed off the list, right? At least I hope so.