BuJo to the Rescue

Can I just give a shout-out to the Bullet Journal method? Like, seriously, if I didn’t incorporate it into my life I would’ve gone crazy these past months. Note in point: this week, when I realized I had no idea when a lot of my essential doctor appointments are and called to find out I actually have one NEXT WEEK when I thought it’s a couple of months away. And just today, when what I put down on my task list as “organize mail” only to realize that it’s a HUGE project and then proceeded to break it down to many, many smaller steps, so it looks more manageable, and totally explained why I’ve been putting it off for so long because subconsciously my brain was freezing up whenever I thought of it, because what I thought was one step turned out to be 10+ steps.

Oh hi there, yes, I’ve been missing from the blogosphere. Yes, I suck a bit when it comes to organizing and working and updating and, sigh. Anyways, no excuses, just determination to do better.

I’m also feeling a tiny bit under the weather today so I’ve just been relaxing and doing non-brain-taxing work (or rather minimal brain-taxing work. Novel is not going to rewrite itself, again!). So what better time to regroup, take a bunch of Zycam and vitamin C, and just do all those chores I’ve been putting off, eh?