First Introverts Retreat Box!

I got my first Introverts Retreat Box today! I talked about getting a book subscription before, and well, the first one has arrived! It’s the Read option, one of their cheapest, where I only get a book, some snacks, and a bookmark. It arrived much sooner than I expected. With all the hoopla around slow mail and blockades and all that jazz I definitely expected it later. But hey, nice Valentine’s surprise, yeah?

(Oh, Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! We usually celebrate by going out and have a fancy dinner, but not these pandemic years. And we’re both really busy with work and stuff so, I guess it’ll have to wait another year before our regular programming.)

The book I received is Adequate Yearly Progress by Roxanna Elden. It’s a satire about life of school teachers and the education system in general. Neat. I admit I’ve never read books like this before, and it’s good that I now have one! That’s the whole point of me trying out the subscriptions – broadening my horizons and reading things I’d never pick up because I wouldn’t know where to start. Along with the book I got some caramel corn, pistachios, hot chocolate, and a bookmark. The bookmark is surprisingly cute haha. I’m not sure about the snacks – might give those to my husband, but I’m all about the hot chocolate! It’s getting pretty warm in So Cal already (the past few days have been in the 80s!), but a good, warm cup of chocolate always brightens my day.

I won’t be reading this book right away because I have a few others to get through first. And they’re all long epics too (because fantasy and sci-fi tend to do that), so I probably won’t be able to tell you how I feel about it for a good bit. I’ve gotta be honest, I had no idea what to expect with a category like “General Fiction” so I was a little worried it might be something I just can’t get into. But this one I’m fairly intrigued and excited about. Guess I’ll be sticking with this box for a while.


Book Subscription

I joined a book subscription yesterday. I’ve been meaning to for a while, but they’re usually super expensive, and I’m in the camp of less stuff more books for cheap type. I mean, some of the boxes are “worth it” if you like a lot of tchotchkes to go with your reading experience, but it’s not for me personally. I rather get a book or two and maybe some snacks/tea for a reasonable price, and that’d be enough.

So after some Youtube research, I’ve decided to get the Introverts Retreat box. I went for the cheapest option (and I’m still not too happy about how expensive the shipping is, but I think that just comes with the territory of book subscriptions). They give you 3 genre choices and I chose the general fiction one. See, because I’m a sci-fi writer, I kind of have to read a lot of sci-fi and fantasy. It’s more akin to researching the market than just reading for fun (fun is included, of course). So when I pick my sci-fi/fantasy books I don’t want a crap-shoot; I’d actually go find Hugo/Nebula winners, or ones that’re pertinent to what I’m writing, etc. However, it’s no fun reading the same kind of book all the time. I wanted to branch out a bit, and well, here comes book subscription boxes to scratch that itch! Only problem is that they really can get up there when it comes to price, and so I’ve always been hesitant. Well, this year I’ve successfully paid off all my student loans, so now I’ve got some extra spending cash per month. Why not give it a go? Plus, I want to read more books in general. I was definitely a non-stop reading sort of kid, but in the recent years I’ve been seriously neglecting that aspect of my life. Time to get myself back into the habit, I say.

I probably will shop around a couple of the cheaper subscription boxes before I settle on one. I mean for the Introverts Retreat box I’m thinking of switching genres next month just to try something new. I don’t read very fast, and I also have literally a giant bookshelf full of books that I haven’t read yet, so the monthly thing just isn’t really viable for me. But I am excited of getting a new book – it’s like a present, you know? I have no idea when it’s going to arrive (with the pace mail is going right now I assume it’ll be a while). But when it does I’m sure I’ll give an update here. Hopefully I don’t get something crazy, but if I do, hey, that’s part of the fun.