Jury Duty and Covid

My husband got summoned for jury duty. It was the reason why we didn’t vote for the longest time haha, so we won’t be on the list for it. Yes, I know it’s an American duty and I’m being bad and un-American and everything, but come on, don’t tell me people really want to go do jury duty, especially if their work is not accommodating. And yes, there’re laws saying your work can’t fire you if you’re stuck in a long case, but we all know how things on paper translates to real life – not very well if it doesn’t hurt corporations. I’ve heard of folks who had to go do jury duty for a year (like the case literally lasted all year), and then of course their work fired them! I’m not sure if they pursued legal actions. If they had no job you think they could afford a lawyer, though?

Also, there’s still the problem with Covid. Neither one of us are vaccinated yet, and being stuck in a room full of random others for a whole day? Uh, yeah, spreader event just waiting to happen. We’ve been so careful all this time only to be thwarted by stupid jury duty? Nuh-uh. So my husband’s going to try to defer it for three months. He’s allowed to at least once, I’m sure, and by the end of June I’m fairly certain at least one of us will be vaccinated. I hope. By then he can go – he’s not going to shirk his duties, but it’s just a safety precaution. I mean seriously what if he’s next to some anti-vaxxer who hates masks? Yes, the court mandates people to wear masks, but do you really think people will comply? They’ll just wear the mesh-like ones or just keep on taking it off and, yeah, no. Not safe at all.



So I called my parents yesterday and learned that they both got their first shot of the Pfizer vaccine!! Joy of all joys!!

Except, I also learned how they managed to get their shots, because they’re definitely NOT in the first group to be vaccinated (which is front-line workers and people in long-term care facilities, and I think also people over 75). The reason they got it was because, apparently, 60% of the medical personnel (nurses, mostly) TURNED DOWN the vaccine! Like, WHAT?? How can a medical person not believe in vaccines for whatever reason? So because the vaccines once thawed have to be used within a certain time limit, the facility’s just giving the leftover doses to whoever signed up. My mom not only got herself vaccinated, but she talked other people in her lab into getting them too, and they’re post-docs in their 20s – at the very back of the line, logistically, but they all got vaccinated. WTF? Here I am in a state where we actually have a shortage, and people in my parents’ state are having a surplus because of anti-vaccination ideals. Wow.

I would never move back to her state if I have any choice, but now I’m like, damn, I want my shots already haha. It’ll be like June before I can get mine, at the earliest, probably. It’s doggone crazy! Still, I’m so glad my parents are getting vaccinate, period, because no one around them wear masks and everything’s open. I worried about them every single day since March of last year. Now I can worry just a little bit less.


Hunkering Down – Again

I don’t know if you noticed, but Covid is rampaging right now through the US. In So Cal where I am, things are really coming to a head. Our ICU availability is now at only 10%, so our governor put a pretty restrictive shutdown in place. I mean, in theory, that is, because no cops are going to actually bust in people’s house to arrest them for partying. But the restaurants are only allowed takeouts, and all the barbershop and etc. are shut down. There’s an 100% mask mandate, but again, only works if cops enforce it. Gosh, Biden needs to be president already and start some stimulus talk going, because Trump certainly isn’t going to do it during the lame-duck period.

Our regional restriction starts tonight at 11:59 pm, so yesterday we went on our grocery run so we can have everything before people start hoarding things again (we’re not hoarders, we don’t buy pallets of toilet paper, but we do buy enough paper goods to last us 3-4 weeks). We went late last night instead of today to avoid the potential crowds. You know, my husband and I have both been pretty good with quarantining since March. I barely leave the house and he only leaves the house to go shopping for groceries. We wipe down all groceries with antibacterial wipes, keep hand sanitizer and wipes in the car, leave all packages alone for at least a day before opening, and wear masks almost every time we leave the house (almost because we take walks around our neighborhood for exercise, and if it’s late at night and few people are out we just keep our distance and don’t wear masks, although I’ve started wearing some anyway since it’s cold now and a mask keeps my face warm). We haven’t seen anybody except on zoom or when we had to go do medical check-ups at hospitals and IVF. So all in all the restriction doesn’t impact us that much, except we need to be extra careful to not get in a car accident, or fall, or have a heart attack, or many things that we can’t really control because if that happens, we won’t get care because the hospitals are overrun. It’s an extra layer of fear and worry, but I’m not going to let that impact me mentally because, realistically, there’s not much more I can do.

In other, slightly more cheery news, I’ve been fairly diligent at keeping up my work hours since December started. I know it’s only been 6 days, but it’s better than my track record before. So I guess that’s something.


Covid Testing, Me

Well, my surgery is tomorrow and I got myself Covid tested today. Still waiting for the results and the subsequent call from the surgery center confirming that the procedure can happen tomorrow. I hope so; I should test negative since I have no symptoms, neither does my husband, and we both have been doing as much shelter in place as possible since March. But it is getting late in the day and still no calls, so I’m getting a teensy bit worried. Oh well, not much to do but wait.

Covid testing was not fun. I got the up the nose really deep kind. I already had a bit of sinus issue from…I have no idea what haha. I’m guessing dry weather? Anyway, my nasal passage area isn’t doing well, and sticking a thin needle up there for 10 seconds does not help matters. No, it did not feel like your brain’s getting scooped out – it doesn’t go anywhere near that. It just felt exactly like the nurse told me: a tool touching the innermost part of your nose where it affects your nose, throat, and ear. My left ear ached for a while after, and my nose was running and my eyes were watering and it’s been a few hours since then and I’m still feeling wonky inside my left nostril. Ugh. They told me that false positives are less than 1%. Well, I hope I don’t have it. I really don’t want to do this again in two weeks or whenever (except I probably will have to because I have another surgery coming up and, yeah…) And if I somehow test positive, uh, that’s the most lucky (?) result then since I definitely gave it to my husband if that’s the case, but we’re both asymptomatic? I seriously doubt that. Anyways, let’s just hope they call me soon.