Falling Off

Welp, this went sideways.

I was all gung-ho about working my butt off, and I did at the beginning of the month. Making my goals for Camp NaNoWriMo and then some. And then things just began to fall apart around me. Stuff in the house keeps on breaking, people keep on getting sick, one of the neighboring house’s fire alarm keeps going off (it’s been empty for a while, so it took forever for someone to come and fix it), all distractions that needed to be taken care of RIGHT NOW and, yeah, completely fell of the wagon of productivity. Yuck!

As of today I have officially finished taking care of everything that needs to be taken care of in the house for now. Except vacuuming the floors again because workers have been in and out the past few days fixing various crap. So, maybe, today, I can get back to work. You know I feel like summer’s over already because of all the shit and I haven’t been working diligently, when, really, we’re still in the middle of it and I’ve, realistically, got some time still. You know how time just goes by super slow and super fast at the same time and you’re like omigod the year’s over when it’s literally only halfway over but you feel like 2020 is just around the corner? No? Just me? Well, at least I can “get back in the groove” now, so to speak. Hopefully.

I did see my psychologist and he gave me some tip on tacking pesky life chores without going into a tizzy. Practice makes perfect, I say. Ugh.