Things I’m Going To Do In April

Hello folks. It’s April. Wow. This year feels just like last year – moving incredibly slowly and ridiculously fast at the same time. Feels like eons have passed since January 6th, huh? Yet, my state still isn’t open for everyone to get the vaccine. And that is the first thing that I’m going to to do in April – get vaccinated! Well, at least sign up for getting vaccinated. Who knows when exactly I’ll actually get the jab in my arm. Might be April, might be May. But I’m signing up first chance I can.

Another thing in April – Camp NaNoWriMo, of course! I’ve never actually used these challenges as intended, though. I don’t care much about the word count, but I do use them as a springboard to get myself into writing shape. There’s been some instability in my family life all through February and March, and so my productivity had gone down to the toilet. I’ve finally started back up this week, and luckily April marks a new beginning, so to speak. Combined with Camp NaNo and the fact I’m (bravely) submitting some of my work to my writers’ group (stake is still very small, but there is a stake now, as opposed to none) for critique this month, all of this probably will propel me to write on a more dedicated schedule. I still don’t think I’m operating like a “writer”, per se. I love writing; it seems as natural as breathing (don’t @ me I know where the original quote came from lol). How do you turn existing into a job? Anyway, existential crisis aside, I have goals to meet and schedules to keep. Because of my budding realization that I probably have ADHD, it’s more imperative I strictly follow a routine in order to be productive. Or at least try this month and see where it leads.

I’m also going to resume my healthcare journey soon. IVF waits for no one, yo! I’m going to meet with my doctors (via telehealth) later next week for a roadmap of what to do once I’m fully vaccinated. So really, it’s just the beginning of the planning stage due to Covid. I probably won’t step foot back into a hospital until well into May. But I should schedule things regardless. There’s going to be some healthcare provider changes in my house, too, so it’s good that I’m waiting. The US healthcare system is a nightmare and I want to make sure I’m well covered before going in and accrue tens of thousands of dollars in surgeries and the like. I’ve waited over half a year. What’s a few weeks more?

And last but not least, I am 100% following my previous media black out goals. The last couple of weeks I’ve been pretty stressed, so I didn’t follow all my blockers, and went on to read reddit and comments under Youtube (yeah I know I know) and other news publications. And guess what happened? It got me even more stressed! I mean, duh, but it’s good to see empirical evidence of it. So April I have to be good, and block what I need to and NOT, absolutely NOT, visit reddit. Like I said, I only allow myself to open NPR for actual news, and sometimes LATimes for local ones. They’re the least sensational/click-baity news sites I can find and they have factual reporting. On such a work-heavy month I can’t afford to feel terrible about the state of the world and become depressed in the middle. It absolutely will destroy my productivity, and that’s the whole point of this April exercise. So site-blocking extensions full throttle! And maybe instead of wasting time on the web I’ll actually read a book for once. It’s been long due.


Camp NaNo July!

Well, it’s July and Camp NaNoWriMo time again! For this month my goal is in hours, just like back in April. I found that setting out a specific number of hours to work a day gets me better results than word counts, and that if I think “okay just one more hour to go” its more motivating than other kind of arbitrary encouragements. I also find that I tend to severely underestimate how long it takes to do something. It’s so weird, I feel like I never do enough because I never get to where I originally planned, but I think it’s because I always think I work twice as fast as I actually do. Or rather, I want to work twice as quickly as I am right now, and I need to seriously accept the fact that, well, my speed is twice as slow in reality. Otherwise it’s really hindering my productivity.

My Camp goal back in April was just at least an hour a day, so a total of 30 hours then. I did that because I had a slump and wasn’t sure how fast I can get back on my feet in writing. I’ve set the July goal to the same – 31 hours total – but now I’m pretty sure I’ll blow past it in the first week haha. So I might change it to 100 hours. But ah! I just said I tend to estimate twice as much as reality, so maybe 50 hours for now? I know 50 hours in a month is nothing – definitely not job-hour sufficient. But, like I said, I’ve been going in and out of mild depression these few months again, so maybe try to take it a little bit easy? I don’t know. At least 50 hours is a good thing. If I keep up by mid-month I’ll change it to 100 hours. Yes, I know it’s still nothing – there are people who are forced to work 100 hours a week. Well those situations are unhealthy and abusive! Let’s just set this month’s total as 100 hours and raise it to 150 next month (just because Camp NaNo’s over doesn’t mean my job is over) if I manage to keep it up.