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Alright, so after some turbulent, stressful hours (days?), I finally finished Step 7 of the Snowflake Method for my novel planning. It’s not quite the step outlined in the official Snowflake Method since I made changes because of where I am with my novel, more akin to Step 8 where you’re making a detailed outline. Anyway, I just want to declare that, finally, I’ve completed my outline for the whole novel. And boy, it is a lot. Super plot-heavy and I’m still not sure about all the transition parts and character developments and all that, but those are worry for another day. Today, I’m happy I got this step done. Felt like I had a mini-heart attack every time I sat down to work on this. But it is over! Done!

I’ve discovered that it was mostly the middle part that really messed me up. The beginning third I’ve more or less already written, and the last third I have a pretty good idea because I know how I want things to end up. But the middle third I was struggling for real! Took some insanely long time to hash out the outline for that part, it was like pulling teeth! I broke a 11-line outline into two separate days because I had a colossal headache trying to get everything to flow. It was so stupid and crappy. But I got through it, and once I moved on to the last third things went much, much faster. So as of now I am officially done with the outline part, and all that’s left is a comprehensive review of everything I’ve done, and then I can go back and resume my writing. You know, the most important aspect of writing a novel, that part.

But that’s for the Next Week Me to figure out. Today Me will take it easy and have a relaxing weekend, because I deserve a little bit of downtime. The grind can wait.