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What Goes Between the Plotty Bits?

I’m making a post because I’m terrified of working on my outline. No lie, y’all. I finished the rough outline for part 1 yesterday and took a small look at part 2 and, ho boy, talk about messed up and sparse. This outline is the last bit before I resume actual writing and I’m sitting here cross-eyed going “how does any of these events connect and fit together???” Where are the character development bridge parts? How long are my chapters these seem awfully dense with plot. OMG everything’s bad!

So yeah, uh, mini-freak out aside, the best way is just to list everything I already have and fill in the blanks….somehow haha. I have no idea. It’s why I’m procrastinating with this blog rather than actually trying to work on it. I’m sure when I start writing in earnest I’ll have a lot more problems than the measly issue I have here, today, but that’s a way off. Right now I could really use a giant cup of coffee.