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New Year, New Work Ethic

Yes, the title is very optimistic. Declaring this year will be the year that I actually develop a work ethic and stick to it. Ha! Just to be clear by work ethic I just mean have a schedule and not slack off because of whatever mental block I have on that day. You know they say you have to write through writer’s block; that’s the only way. I believe that but I never actually need to put it into practice. Plus, I was in denial about the fact that I was blocked in the first place, so obviously I don’t need to write anything if I’m not even blocked, right? Yes, I know, that doesn’t make any sense. It also didn’t do me any good on productivity.

Speaking of productivity, I’ve decided that I really need to do an overhaul of my novel. I mean I have random snippets and scenes but I lack a cohesive structure. There are plot holes that’s not been resolved that I keep on putting off. Well, some people can write a whole first draft with major plot holes and not care, as long as they got all 100k words out. Me? Nope. Can’t write a single word until I know absolutely everything that’s going to happen in the chapter. Which, again, I know doesn’t really work in the creative process. So you see how I can’t finish anything, right? But acknowledgement is the first step to solving the problem. I know my problem now. So to tackle it, I’m applying the Snowflake Method to this novel.

I think I used this method at the very beginning of my novel writing, but never followed through. Hence why to this day I don’t have a good ending or know exactly what happens in the last third of the book. Here lies the root of all my issues, no? Therefore, I’m going to do the method all over, and follow through to step 10 this time. Probably will take the entire month of January to do it, too, if not longer. Word counts don’t matter right now. What matters is a thorough once over of the entire work. Write, rewrite, edit – that all come later. Incidentally, I talked to my s.o., who went to school for project management, and asked him what would be an appropriate amount of time of work each day for him to consider it a job. (As opposed to a hobby.) He thinks 6 hours should be sufficient, I consider that too much for the beginning, so we settled to 4 hours, with weekends off. (Also barring medical emergencies, surgeries, and all that, which I expect to have a lot of this year too.) There, a concrete number for the insurmountable amount of work ahead. Or at least it felt that way to me haha. I’m sure my perception is all wonky due to my horrible sense of self-assessment, but that’s why I asked for an outside opinion.

I spent most of yesterday setting up my new novel file. Today will be the first day of a bulk of work and I’m absolutely terrified. It’s arguably the easiest thing to think about right now and I’m still freaking out. Thank you for the existence of this blog, eh? It’s nice to put all my feelings down in words. I will also try to update this blog more frequently, and keep up with Friday Fictioneers, too, when I need breaks from thinking about my own work. I’ll talk to you guys later.

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