Friday Fictioneers #5

Ahaha, back to this again. Let’s just say this is a great way for me to stretch my writing muscles. And reading everyone else’s take are always very fun.

Photo Prompt:


Luke toppled over the Lego man with a triumphant shriek. Joanna frowned. He wasn’t a disruptive child, so this out-of-ordinary episode had her concerned.

“Indoor voices, Luke,” she chided.

“It is indoors!”

Joanna paused. “This is how loudly your parents speak at home?” She hadn’t heard anything about divorces or seen any signs of abuse. Not yet.


“Has it always been like that?”

“Nope,” Luke shook his head. “Only last weeks.”

She made a note to call Luke’s mother after school. But right now she needed to remind the boy exactly how loud indoor voices were supposed to be.