Hello folks. I have a very short update on life for ya. So I went through another round of IVF embryo transfer and will be expecting the result tomorrow. I am very nervous, and although my family have been 100% supportive of “what will be will be”, it still makes me scared to find out. My insurance does not cover a single cent of this this time around, so it cost quite a hefty penny on top of all the hopes and fears of someone undergoing this ordeal normally. I have been trying to meditate and distract myself with happy things instead of all nerves like last time. So August was basically a giant wash when it came to creative work. Now it’s September, and I haven’t progressed much anywhere in my life. But I’m not going to think about it today.

I will probably write a longer entry tomorrow about things after I find out whether I’m successfully pregnant or not. No guarantee if I’ll have another miscarriage six weeks from now, but at least I’d have vaulted the first hurdle of at least been pregnant for a week.

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