Some Small Wins!

So, today I went to the DMV to get my stupid driver’s license re-renewed. It was an ordeal, simply because of bureaucracy. When I made the appointment it was super obtuse on the website as to what I needed to so I kind of had to wing it in line. However, I managed to get it all done with the help of a DMV employee (I thanked him properly of course), and now, I have a temporary license in the car, and my actual license will be here in a few weeks. Hopefully. God.

Also, I actually finished cleaning the pantry yesterday! Believe me it’s been a project I meant to do for a long, long time, and it’s not even that complicated! I just have to go into the pantry and throw out packaged food that’re like two years old because we forgot about them. That’s it. And I just kept putting it off, and off, and off. Well, no more! Because I finally got rid of them yesterday afternoon (two large trashbags’ worth, so not that much but still). I don’t know what the roadblock in my mind was – I’ll just have to chalk it up to me being my undiagnosed ADHD self I suppose. Seriously, it’s so pathetic that I couldn’t get myself to do it when it literally just involved picking up a package, deciding if I still want to keep it, and throwing it away if the answer is no. That. Is. It. Sigh.

Well, the point is that I did it, finally, and I feel so happy, because now I can move onto the next big project, which is going through all of my medical records and sort them. This will involve buying new folders if I deemed what I currently have as inadequate, put things away (whether in folders or in a giant box for old records that we keep in the basement), and then tackle the mountain of old mail and other medical-related things we have stacked under the coffee table. It’s a real ordeal and I’m not expecting to finish it any time soon, but at least I could START, you know?

After we successfully navigated the DMV my s.o. and I had a small celebration haha. We went out to eat (yeah vaccination!) at a cute café. Then we bought some pastries and had ice cream! It’s lucky that he just happened to have a bit of extra time at work, because apparently things are fairly lax at his job on Fridays. I still felt like it was totally worth celebrating, though. Tomorrow we’re going proper shopping at a mall (again yeah vaccination!) to buy Hawaii-trip related things, like swimsuits and beach bags and travel skincare. It’s so nice to feel good for once. I am really looking forward to this weekend, and I hope you have a good one too!

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