Hawaii Trip!

I am so excited! Well, I’ve been excited since yesterday – too happy to focus on work, even, which is bad but you know, I don’t really get excited about many things nowadays so let me have that, ok? Anyway, I’m excited because we’re planning a trip to Hawaii with my parents! I haven’t seen them in over a year, and I’ve been worried about them getting Covid this entire time until they got vaccinated. (Speaking of vaccinations, my husband and I are both fully vaccinated as of today so, yay!) My parents’ workplace (they work for the same company) gave them some extra time off because of the whole 2020 shenanigans, so they were like, hey, is there somewhere you guys would like to go together? We have vacation days we have to use by end of June. And so, we all decided – Hawaii!

I’ve been to Hawaii before with my s.o. and in-laws. It was one of the most relaxing time I’ve ever had! The ocean, the food, the scenery, the whole vibe is just awesome. My parents, on the other hand, have never been there. They consider that trip from where they live too strenuous and expensive, which is true. Well what better time to go than now? It’s crazy, though, because apparently the entire US is traveling so hotels are getting booked up left and right. Everyone’s all pent up (as the news program say, “unleashing pent-up demand”) and chomping at the bits to go somewhere, anywhere that’s not their house! We don’t have all the details worked out yet but we’ll get it settled soon. Personally, I’m more excited about spending vacation with my parents than the vacation itself, although Hawaii is very, very nice. I didn’t realize just how much I missed my parents and going outside haha. Never thought I’d say this as an extreme introvert. Just show you how traumatic the whole global pandemic thing is, right? None of us are immune.

Yeah I’m still too excited to do anything productive haha. Before I sign off here I just want to say take care of y’allselves, okay?

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