Friday Fictioneers #4

Here is this week’s. I’ve been looking through my records of writing FFs and it looks to be once every couple of months! Well, that’s not very good, is it? I need to make this more of a habit. (But probably not next week, as both I and my s.o. are getting our second shot of vaccine and probably will be sick for a few days each.)

Photo Prompt:

Breaking Quarantine

“Mom, I don’t think that’s what they meant when they said we need to quarantine.”

“They just said we can’t leave the house,” Liza carefully pulled the trailer onto the highway. “Well, we ain’t leaving it, are we?”


“Look,” she turned to her teenage son in the passenger seat. “we planned this months ago. The money’s all paid, and I can’t start that job late just ’cause the gov’ment’s being slow.”

“It’s not safe!”

“It’s fine. We’ll stop by Nana’s on the way, and I promise I’ll wear a mask. Okay?”

“Okay,” he grumbled, clearly unappeased, but stopped arguing.

23 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers #4

  1. Dear Lilac,

    I wonder if the job will be open during the quarantine? Natural dialogue and illustrates the conflicts we face now. Nicely done.



    1. Well that’s why she’s risking it all to get herself to the jobsite – nothing is available in her immediate area. Thank you for the kind comment!

  2. Yes, great idea- just take the house, no one can argue you’re leaving the house.
    I hope you vaccinations go fine. I didn’t experience any problems on my first jab, on the second my arm did hurt for a few days. I put that down to the grumpy heavy handed slap-dash way the nurse jabbed me. Sorry to all you good nurses out there.

    1. Thank you for the well wishes. This reply is a week later than I wanted because I got my vaccination haha. My husband got his too so we had a few days where we were alternatively sick. But everything is peachy now. 🙂

    1. Yeah when I saw the image there were two ideas in my head: this one and one where the house is a living being and is sick so the truck is taking it to the hospital – more magical realism than I have the skill to write haha.

  3. Oh, what a grim implication! “We’ll stop by Nana’s on the way, and I promise I’ll wear a mask.”
    Excellent example of showing rather than telling.

    1. Totally! Masks are important along with everything else. Nana’s not the healthiest person around. (Speaking of, I haven’t seen my own parents for over a year. I need to book a trip as soon as it’s safer.)

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