Jury Duty and Covid

My husband got summoned for jury duty. It was the reason why we didn’t vote for the longest time haha, so we won’t be on the list for it. Yes, I know it’s an American duty and I’m being bad and un-American and everything, but come on, don’t tell me people really want to go do jury duty, especially if their work is not accommodating. And yes, there’re laws saying your work can’t fire you if you’re stuck in a long case, but we all know how things on paper translates to real life – not very well if it doesn’t hurt corporations. I’ve heard of folks who had to go do jury duty for a year (like the case literally lasted all year), and then of course their work fired them! I’m not sure if they pursued legal actions. If they had no job you think they could afford a lawyer, though?

Also, there’s still the problem with Covid. Neither one of us are vaccinated yet, and being stuck in a room full of random others for a whole day? Uh, yeah, spreader event just waiting to happen. We’ve been so careful all this time only to be thwarted by stupid jury duty? Nuh-uh. So my husband’s going to try to defer it for three months. He’s allowed to at least once, I’m sure, and by the end of June I’m fairly certain at least one of us will be vaccinated. I hope. By then he can go – he’s not going to shirk his duties, but it’s just a safety precaution. I mean seriously what if he’s next to some anti-vaxxer who hates masks? Yes, the court mandates people to wear masks, but do you really think people will comply? They’ll just wear the mesh-like ones or just keep on taking it off and, yeah, no. Not safe at all.

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