Friday Fictioneers #3

Yes, another installment of this Friday Fictioneer thing. Great writing practice when you’re trying to get yourself back into writing again. So let’s go!

Photo Prompt:

© Roger Bultot

Moving Up

Ronda put the box down at the bottom of the apartment stairwell. It was done – she was finally moving out of this dump of a place and into that posh loft downtown. It’d add another 15 minutes to her commute, but she didn’t have to worry about double-locking her windows and keeping her gun within reach of her bed anymore. Her son could also go to a much better school. All it took was to wait for her boss to finally retire. It was time for younger folks to take up the mantle. It was now her time to shine.

23 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers #3

  1. Hope she succeeds but I am a bit doubtful about her ethics. Does she have patience to wait? Would she tend to discredit anyone in order to pull herself up the ladder. Hope she makes it up without cheating to do so. Maybe so.

    1. …Better answer quick because opportunity is a very fleeting visitor!

      (PS I’m not sure where you get Erin from but I don’t believe I put a name anywhere? I use aliases all the time so, could be random one in the wild!)

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