Weird Insomnia

I did not sleep a wink on Sunday night. I have no idea why. I’m guessing it’s because I had some coffee? But I had coffee in the morning! And no other things of caffeine during the day. Whatever. The point is, I did not sleep a wink the whole of Sunday night. Just couldn’t get my mind to calm down and before I knew it, it was light outside. So I decided to get up and read random things on my iPad for a while. Miraculously, I got sleepy around 9 am, so I went to bed, finally, and slept to around noon. And that was all I got.

So my Monday was terrible. I was a zombie, with a headache and a cloud of tiredness. I wanted to see if I could do any work – ha! Futile attempt. I couldn’t even get enough energy to sit on my computer and play a video game! The only thing I did was stay in bed and watch youtube mindlessly. Insomnia is horrible. Unexplained even worse. But yeah, Monday was a complete wash, but Monday night thankfully I actually slept. Whatever weird insomnia I had went away, at least, for also no apparent reason. I hate the human body sometimes.

Today, Tuesday, I woke up again around noon (slept for like 12 hours straight) with a thumping headache. It went away as soon as I ate food and had some water, so, not that worried. But my concentration is shot today too. Didn’t get any work done – small wonder, eh? Hopefully I will fully recuperate tomorrow and get back to writing. Fingers crossed.

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