Okay 2021

Well, I was going to take a deserved day off just chilling and playing video games and look what happened!

Had a call with my mom and had to translate nouns like “insurgents” and “certify” and “Congress” and “the central government building of the US” to her to describe what is currently happening. She’s working, you know, like most Americans on a Wednesday afternoon, so hasn’t been keeping up on the news. That was fun. She figured something’ll go down today but wasn’t expecting the results. I think people just underestimate a crowd if they want to be violent. A person is smart; people are dumb. And a mob can become friggin’ dangerous no matter what political affiliation they hold.

I also caught Biden’s speech and Trump’s video live during lunch. My impression of Biden was “you seem pretty mad and that’s good! Call on these people!” and then Trump came on and both me and my s.o. were like “WTF?????” by the end. It’s so stupid. This whole process is just goddamn stupid on all fronts. Except Stacey Abrams. She deserves a medal. They also just called Ossoff for Georgia. At least one thing went right and on time today.

Still better than 2020 so far.