It’s the Holiday Spirit!

I have been doing nothing but buying things these past few weeks. It doesn’t help that everything is on sale, and sometimes the deals are just way too good. I know, I know, that’s how they trick you into spending. But for me it’s more like, well, I’m going to buy this anyway, so might as well buy it while it’s 30% off, you know? It’s doing trash to my wallet, but as we’re inching toward the end of this horrible year, I feel like I want to celebrate a little bit. And since we can’t go out and drink/eat/watch movie or anything collectively fun, online shop therapy will have to do.

It’s not all frivolous. I bought something for my parents for Christmas for the first time in a long time. We’re Chinese, so we never really celebrated Christmas as a huge tree-decorating/gift-giving holiday. Hell, in recent years I never really went home for Christmas or Thanksgiving – our family gathering day is Chinese New Year in Jan/Feb, and usually I couldn’t get time off work to go anywhere because Americans don’t celebrate that. My mom usually go back to China then, and she did this year too and almost didn’t make it back because of Covid. Anyway, this year I decided I should buy them something small at least – it’s the spirit of the thing. So I bought my mom a cute pair of house slippers because she’s cold all the damn time, and my dad wants some music CDs (yeah, so old-school, but I don’t think they know what streaming is, and I tried to convince them to buy an Amazon Echo over Black Friday but they’re like, we don’t understand this so, no). He also wants to buy a model kit for the Japanese battleship Yamato, which on the higher end is around 300 bucks. I mean, I could buy it for him, but both of them were like no, it’s a splurge and we really really don’t want you to spend the money. So, Tchaikovsky’s Symphonies it is.

Coincidentally, my iPad died last night. Completely dead – battery won’t charge no matter what, so it’s kaput. I’ve been eying the new iPad Airs this year. They’re so pretty and I think definitely worth the upgrade, but they also do cost a pretty penny so I was going to do it next year around my birthday or something. Well, looks like luck have other plans. My husband’s like, sure, I’ll buy you a replacement one, but it looks like the color I want is sold out completely, and won’t be back until January. Oh well. I’m going to go to the Apple store tomorrow to recycle my dead iPad, and I guess I’ll get a new one whenever it’s available again.

Yeah, a holiday of consumer consumption! At least I bought stuff on sale, though, including a new Steam game (Oxygen Not Included – been wanting this for years just waiting for it to go on a good sale because I’m cheap, and have a lot of backlog). It’s not like I can go anywhere because insane Covid spread Batman! But I have something to play over the break, eh?