The Old Introduction

Hello folks! I’m starting a blog. Today. Woot!

I’m not exactly new at this. I mean, I’m sure everyone has started a blog at some point in their lives, especially nowadays. I know the “kids” are all doing Instagram and Snapchat and vlog on Youtube and whatever (wow, is my age showing yet?), which is perfectly valid, but I’ve always been drawn toward the writing side of social media, so blogging is a natural extension. I’ve had blogs before but they were all more or less specialized – recipes, a place to keep my daily tasks organized, dream analysis – and they’ve all been abandoned. Did I mention I have a tendency to start things, then get bored, then never touch them again? Yeah, not a good habit to keep. I will be trying to correct that with this blog.

This is going to be an actual life blog, for once, and I’m going to try to keep this updated on a regular basis. I’m a writer in the midst of the second draft of my first novel, and unlike Stephen King who write to avoid his life’s problems, I have to fight my problems in life to write. Pretty ironic, but sometimes you’re dealt the exact hand that’ll cripple you and you have to make the best of it. I’m prone to anxiety and had depression for a solid three years before I broke out of it, which did not help with the speed of my writing. So whatever you read about how writers are all depressed and they’re geniuses because of it, well, it’s not true. More likely they’re depressed so they drink and smoke and do hallucinogenics and that prompted the writing frenzy, not depression itself. Anyway, I’m behind on my career (due to illness, but still), and am still playing catch up.

Well I think that’s enough of an intro. I’ll talk about myself a little bit more in later entries, don’t want to overwhelm. Until next time then. Cheers!

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